1. Completing the Requirements:
     a. Click here to see the terms.
     b. Requirements can also be obtained at the office of Asita Secretariat West Java.
2. Fill out the Application Form:
     a. Click here to get / download the application form.
         The application form can be filled using a computer.
     b. Application forms can also be obtained at the office of Asita Secretariat West Java.
3. Submit the Terms and Application Form:
     a. If the completed application form has been filled in and the terms have been fulfilled, then you can submit a permit application
         directly to the office at the Asita Secretariat office in West Java, located at Jl.Tamblong No. 8 Kb. Pisang, Sumur, Kota Bandung – 40112.
     b. Membership Arrangement:

1 Complete the requirements & fill out the membership form. Applicant
2 File reception & File receipt. Secretariat
3 Inspection File Chairman / Secretary
4 Notice to members by email in order to request advice. Secretariat (required 1 week)
5 If the Application is accepted by the member, the Asita West Java Secretariat shall forward to the ASITA DPP for the issuance of the Decree and the Membership Charter, on the contrary if there is a rebuttal it shall be suspended. Secretariat (required 1 month)
6 When the SK & Charter of Membership has been issued, the Applicant shall immediately take to the Asita Secretariat by completing all administrative obligations. Applicant